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Edukit XL

Edukit XL

Foam mats are great for families looking to keep their children safe and secure at home. But did you know they also have a variety of additional uses, including floor protection?

Well, we’ve created our very own range of extra thick foam mats designed to suit any indoor or outdoor home space - introducing, Edukit XL.

Taking safety, sound-proofing and floor protection to the max, Edukit XL provides the highest grade of EVA foam mats available.

In a range of bright and neutral colours to suit any application, our foam mats can be used for a variety of tasks.

From protecting floors from heavy furniture and gym equipment, sound-proofing office spaces and protecting children from slips and trips during play, they offer versatility both indoors and outdoors.

With our renowned Edukit value for money and extra-thick foam finish, our EVA foam mats will stand the test of time, offering effective floor protection where you need it most.

For our play mats specially designed for your baby’s development and safety needs, be sure to check out our Foam Mats for children.

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