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Designed for kids. Made by parents.

Edukit was built on the belief that every family should have access to safe arts, crafts, and play accessories, without breaking the bank.

From positively impacting children’s creativity, mental stimulation and, of course, allowing them to have some fun too, we think getting creative is a vital part of childhood.

Sparked from experience, the founders of Edukit, Jonathan and Joel, each have their own large families to keep busy each day.

And with each child wanting something different when it comes to an afternoon of fun and play, they needed some easy, economical and engaging activity inspiration to keep the kids entertained.

And that’s where the idea behind Edukit was born.

We believe children should have the freedom of choice when it comes to playtime.

Whether that means picking up a paintbrush, grabbing hold of the glitter or learning their ABC’s on a soft play mat, we don’t want to stifle creativity. We want them to explore it.

The founders have had many years of practice understanding what kids love and knowing exactly what parents want for their children’s products.

From great value, quality and safety for adults, to fun and variety for children - we’ve got it all figured out.

For endless enjoyment, with no big budget needed - trust Edukit for all the playtime props you’ll ever need.